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Parenthood is a wonderful adventure, but also a serious challenge and responsibility. Sleepless nights, fear for baby’s health and safety is a daily reality for many parents, especially first-time parents. LifeTone has been created in order to support them. For parents by parents, in cooperation with engineers and midwifes.

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Ambient temperature


Body position


Having a baby is the biggest joy. However being a new parent can be tough. Parents are often tired and worried about so many things, especially taking into account that medical disorders happen suddenly even to babies who seem to be perfectly healthy (e.g. SIDS). There are many baby monitors on the market but the offering is inadequate – focus on measuring only selected parameters; problematic notification (noisy and false alarms); inconvenient to wear (may fall off) and transport (not easily portable). Parents of newborns are in need of complex, life changing solutions. It relates mainly to parents of preterms who are exposed to sudden medical disorders the most.



LifeTone is an innovative way of measuring life parameters during sleep. It’s a piece of wearable technology that can be easily attached to a nappy. The device is synchronised with an app on parents’ smartphones. They can now free themselves from worries about the children’s life and enjoy this joyous period of their lives.


  • The solution is conveniently small and very comfortable to use


  • It measures breath, temperature, pulse and position


  • Dedicated smartphone app sends notifications to parents if the baby stops breathing or gets too hot


  • The app enables sharing readings with a family doctor


IP-protected algorithm identifies every irregular breathing pattern (PCT/EP2016/062924; PL417418 – patent pending).

Market and traction

UNICEF estimates that at least 130 million babies are born each year around the world. Many of them die in their first months of life. Studies show that ongoing monitoring of the basic vital parameters of newborns can significantly improve their health and safety.
Usually a special attention should be paid to premature children (statistics suggest that 10% of all pregnancies end in a premature birth). According to the WHO (World Health Organization), prematurity is the leading cause of neonatal deaths, resulting in more than 1 million baby’s deaths each year. It is the second leading cause of death in children, after pneumonia.

Many threats, the growing number of working parents, current trends in lifestyle and the growing role of technology in our everyday life – all of that makes the global market of electronic nannies very dynamic. North America and Europe holds the largest share but such devices are becoming more and more popular also on emerging Asian markets, eg. in China where we could observe the high birth rate dynamic economic development of the society, and a great interest in advanced technologies.

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The threat serious because the number of prematurely born babies increases. According to the March of Dimes Foundation, the rate of premature birth had increased by 36% since the early 1980s to 2006.
One of the parent’s worst nightmares is SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) that rates 0.1 to 2 per 1000 live births. It means that (according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) app. 3500 sudden infant deaths occurs per year. 44% of them due to SIDS.

Fitting in with the latest trends and demand for such solutions, LifeTone becomes ideal in the forest for (in particular, but not limited to): parents of children who were born with various types of disorders that threaten their health and life, in particular premature babies; parents who raise their first child; extremely caring parents who have a tendency to constantly worry and stress their state of health; busy parents who share their time and energy between work and childcare, with little time to rest; parents who like technology and are interested in all kinds of new solutions for children.


LifeTone is at the prototype phase and is not yet available on the market. If you are interested in business or distribution cooperation, please use the following contact.